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Isocratic Bookstore

We are the fusion of education and technology, giving online learning a more inclusive and learner engaged prospective.

We make education accessible, more streamlined, and captivating.

We create innovative courses and deliver educational content with a personalized approach. Our story-driven pedagogy is enriched enhanced by the application of purposeful multimedia that always resonates with the end-learner on a personal level.

Our Mission

Why Isocratic?

We take our name from the famous Athenian philosopher. Isocrates was an influential teacher in Classical Athens and a champion of education reform. He challenged the status quo of his day and embraced the most forward-thinking approaches to reaching and engaging with his pupils. Isocrates knew that education was the cornerstone of a healthy and vibrant society. We honour the spirit of Isocrates and pride ourselves in following his bold example.

Like Isocrates, we recognize that education is one of the most important pillars of a just and equitable world. And what an exciting time it is for education: new technologies allow us to create and disseminate knowledge in ways that Isocrates could never have dreamed of centuries ago. Although the tools we employ may be new, the spirit that drives us is as old as Isocrates’ ideals. We are dedicated to helping you offer the highest quality education possible to your students or members. We look forward to working with you to build the tools and deliver the educational experiences that will contribute to creating a better world.

Create and sell your textbook online
Utilize gaming elements to engage your students
Cut costs down substantially for your students
Cut costs down substantially for your students

Meet Our Team

Alex Delfonso

Co-Founder, CEO

Tim Morrison

Marketing Director

Jane Falcone

Sales Director

John Peterson

Brand Director